What if…?

It is a tragedy of human life,

We receive a choice,

Yet we can’t hold fast,

On what we truly desire.


The dark clouds of what ifs,

Haunt our souls till the end,

The alternative choices and,

Their possible results seem mesmerizing.


It is the nature,

Of a human soul,

To see greater beauty,

On the other side.


What if we had never met?

What if I had chosen another path?

What if I was someone else?

What if I was fairer?

What if I could travel?

What if…? What if…?


What we truly forget,

We all are made imperfect,

And the life is never,

Fair at all times.


But we must stick to our own choices,

For it moulds us into who we are,

And there is a soul on this Planet,

Who would complete you and is made only for you.


What if..? A question we all ask.

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