The postman is here, his fellow soldier announced with joy. The smile broadened across his face on receiving his letter. It was written by his wife,keeping him regularly updated about the his family and the growth of his son.

A tear rolled down while he was folding the letter. He missed his family terribly, his mothers food, the pride in his fathers eyes, the soft lap of his wife and above all he longed to see his son who was turning 6 this week.

But here it was all different. The days were spend in fighting war and the nights bandaging and treatment. This place was all about staying on the edge to sacrifice one’s life for the country.

Now, the war was over and the enemy defeated. “We have not had any movement of the enemy for a weeks now so we are returning tonight ” said his commander. All were excited tonight around him to return back to their homes. Some were packing bags others making the dinner.

An explosion was heard not more than 100 meters from the camp, everyone took their positions and helped the injured. The next heard were rounds of bullets from both sides. bodies dropping all around. A bullet struck at his shoulder, he seized back with pain, the next bullet hit his heart, the memories flashed in front of his eyes and it was over.

What came back to the town was the uniform and his body wrapped in tricolour with a medal.

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