Through you, to me.

Today, I saw myself through your eyes,

I felt you smile while the happy hormones surged through me,

I felt the warmth of your palm when you touched my head,

You looked around the room but i didn’t see daddy,

I felt your unspoken sorrow,

I felt your tiredness when you work day in and day out,

I have been with you for all this time but i felt your emptiness within myself,

I have seen you wipe your tears and put yourself to sleep,

But, now I am here and you can see me,

You are no more alone, nor will I ever leave you,

I would be your shining light in the darkest hour,

I would tether you to love, hope and life while I remain tethered to you,

Love will flow through you, to me.

via Daily Prompt: Tether

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