Have you ever been so tired and frustrated that you can not even express it? It has been inside you for so long that now all the pressure whistles are ringing. One day you summon all your power and finally walk up to them to tell them you are sick of the way they treat you. When the moment arrives, you are in front of them, words are boiling in your mind, you look at them and no word comes out, not a single word. You retreat back to where you began. Anger is on its edge, this time on yourself, you curse yourself to be a inferior. 

 Let it be, take a break, calm down, go outside to a park and breath. Forget what is happening in and look around. Look at the young people jogging, the kids playing,dogs barking behind the frisby, old couple sitting on the next bench. Look around to the blossoms at fence of the park butterflies sitting on them. You see, the world is not that dark as you were experiencing, listen to your favorite music and relax.

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