The difference

The difference

It is not what is outside makes us different, but what is within us.

The other day I was returning late night to my room when I saw one door of balcony open and garbage being thrown out to the common activity ground of our hostel. There was only one thought that crossed my mind ‘her parents might have also done this’. Now when I sit here and think about that incident, I have only one question ‘why did I say that one particular line?’

I could have said that she doesn’t have manners but isn’t it true that at the end, all our actions have been defined by the circumstances of our upbringing? We all are shaped according to the ways our parents have reacted to different situations. Someone once said, if you want to know how well a family is doing, ask the youngest kid to enact their parents and they will show the real colours. Since childhood we have been observing and storing information, that have slowly and steadily become a part of our own personality.

I would like to share another incident that happened about a month ago when I was visiting one of the hill stations in India. We were simply sitting in front of a hotel in the evening and enjoying the weather, when we saw one handicapped person going up the hill with great difficulty. While we were considering different ways to help him out when a loud voice hit our ears saying ‘chota addmi’ (small man). With a surprise, we turned to locate the source of the voice and we saw a kid about five years of age laughing at the handicapped person. The story doesn’t end here but the even more surprising element was that the kid was accompanied by an elderly man about sixty-five and he did not make any attempt to correct or stop the kid from laughing. That is the difference in upbringing.

The solution is changing ourselves.

As the future generation, we as individuals have the responsibility towards the society. It is not all about giving the best possible gadget or comfort to your child instead it is also about giving the best upbringing to your child. This is necessary and can only be done by bringing the change first in ourselves, then in our family and as this is adopted the society will automatically improve.

Picture by Miguel Bruna

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