She felt something tightening at her right ankle she could not figure out weather it was a rope or a human hand, she pulled and kicked with her other leg, it was cold and metallic, a few cuts as a award of her struggles. When all the efforts seized she realized she could not fell her arms, both the arms, she wondered if they were amputated from her. She thought what was happening, trying to figure where she was, it was pitch black and hard to recognize the place, whatsoever it was not the room she went to sleep. At that moment she felt heavy weights weighing down her shoulder, those were her tired arms. She tried to freed them but none to any help, she was glad atlest they were still attached to her body, her imaginations were running wild to all corners of world. Where on earth was she and what had happened? She smelled like sweat probably her own, yes she was covered with sweat trying to escape the bondages which held her strangled on to the board, she closed her eyes tight and tried to walk up from this nightmare and her eyes opened to yet another room, it was not dark but completely white, it was nothing like the last one. 

She was free here but was still trapped. The walls tured into mirrors and she could see her reflection upto infinity, the tiny details of physics were always important to her, here what scared her was that her reflections were not obeying her actions, they were all looking at her with anger and hatred in there eyes. Within a blink of an eye the first reflection came out of the mirror as if it was just a curtain, there were sword in her hand those with dual blades, she recognized it from all the action movies she had seen. With a swing of sword her right shoulder got injured, she wimped in pain and dragged herself to a corner, it came to her realisation she was neither armed nor strong enought to fight, all she could do was to close her eyes and wait for her death. She felt the sword crush against her chest and an overwhelming pain. 

She woke up in her bead all sweaty and frightened. She realized it was only a fraction of her imagination which came alive as a nightmare.


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