Panacea- My Mother

When I was young,

I cried, you held me tight

I came back muddy, you dusted it away

I was bleeding, you healed me

I was sick, you woke nights together

I was dying, you held the thread of my life


When I grew up,

I was bullied, you stood by me

I was a failure, you held my chin up

I fell by my knees, you raised me up and showed the way

I was sick, you never left me alone

I pushed you away but stood by me

I made mistakes, you taught me the right


Now when I look back to my teens,

I was stupid, you let me do stupidity

I thought I could over smart you but you always knew me

I fell again and again, you let me fall

I was failing, you let me fail

I was struggling, you let me struggle

I was disappointed, you motivated me

You let it all happen, you knew it was all important


You taught me by actions,

Now I know the path forward

But when I was crying, you secretly cried with me

When I was sick, you prayed for my wellness,


Never did you leave my side,

You were my wall of strength and inspiration,

The cure of all my problems and diseases,

You are my Panacea, MY MOTHER.

Note: when i read the meaning of panacea, the first word that popped into my mind was mother, so i decided to write a poem about how my mother was by my side in my life.


Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash



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