New year!

Let's rise from ashes we created of our life and turn them into star dust

Earth is about to complete another trip around the sun.
We have almost entered into another brand new year holding many surprises for the entire humanity,
But first, let’s pause a moment and remember the most important moments of this year.
Did we accomplish all that we have been hoping to?
Did our work life reach a stable height?
How did our personal life go?

Did our broken heart heal?

Did we forgive all who have wrongerd us?
Were we on the good kids list of santa?
Every year we resolve many statements,
To be fit,
To work harder,
To study better,
To pay more attention to family….

How many times did we actually complete our resolutions?

This year let’s resolve to not resolve anything instead to take life as it comes, to make the most of our time, to have a happy life.

This year let’s rise from the ashes we created of our lifes and turn them into star dust, as everything is possible with a little faith and pixie dust.

I wish a happy new year to all my readers.

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