My Knight in Brown Fur

I picked up a cloth from the floor

It might have been there for a week or so

What came out terrified me to the core

One look at you and i hopped on table top while shouting my lungs out

I scanned the room to find your partner in crime, if any.


Scared and terrified I caught hold on HIT spray and shook it hard

But no liquid movement inside, tore me apart

Desperately, I decided to throw a slipper on you

A miss in aim and you flew a little away.


If I threw a grenade, survive you will

If I bring a flood, survive you will

If I expose UV radiations, survive you will

What else can you survive-Oh dear Cockroach!!


Then behind me I heard a movement

My knight in brown fur came to my rescue

BEAUTY my ‘cat’ caught hold on the monster

Curiously I observed, her eat the insect like potato chips

Now tell me how do I Survive it all?


via Daily Prompt: Survive

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