Ludhiana City

This is a personal review of city Ludhiana located in the state of Punjab, India.

If you are a history buff and plan on vising Ludhiana I would suggest take a taxi and visit Amritsar, Ludhiana is not a place for you. Though Ludhiana is city held strong by all religions all I could find depicting history was the was Maharaja Ranjit Singh war museum, Phillaur fort, Guru Nanak Bhawan, Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib.

On the other hand, if you are a corporate person and plan on visiting or establish an office this might be a good prospect for you. A casual evening tea meet or a business lunch, malls in Ludhiana do have the ambience for it, Pavilion Mall and Cinepolis: MBD Neopolis Mall are my two personal favourite. MBD has a see top floor view and free books to my delight.

Those searching an all shop destination, this city does offer a lot, from high street branded clothes to Hosiery markets in winters Ludhiana is world famous for.

A busy city like a tiny sapling growing beneath a concrete floor trying break free into the bright new world. That’s how I have pictured the city in my brief visit to Ludhiana. It is truly amazing how much a person can know about a city just by walking through its streets.

Other places to visit are Tiger Safari/Zoo (which has only one very old tiger and only a hand full of other animals), Prabhakar’s wax museum( which is at 3rd mall of Pavilion mall and the address given on website is wrong), PAU Museum, Fun City, Hardy’s world Amusement park.

I recently had my (as my degree requires) an industrial training in food and dairy industry, in Ludhiana. I can’t disclose the name or the details of my training but as a student of Microbiology it’s obvious I had spent considerable amount of time in checking number of microbes in packed food products which by default has made me confide in home-made food. I just no more trust any of the packed items.

P.S. everything that I have written is based on my own personal observation and I am not being paid to write this what so ever. Peace.



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