Little Red Shoes

She opened the cupboard and found a saree and started twisting it around her waist over her pajamas after two rounds she looked at the length of saree left and then again draped it around her and kept a length on her shoulder across her body. Then she moved towards the dressing table and dabbed some powder in her face and rubbed red lipstick on her lips smudging it around a bit. She smiled while wearing a red bindi a little right to the center of her forehead and her eyes went towards the red heels lying under the bed, she wore them and saw him opening the rooms door. “Do I look pretty daddy” she asked eagerly “You are the prettiest, my princess” ¬†her father replied while weaving to her with his one hand while hiding the other behind him. She tried to walk it towards him but tripped from the ¬†loose heels. Her father ran towards her and while holding her said “You are still young for your mommy’s shoes, why don’t you try your own shoes”and passed the gift box to her. She opened her gift with tears still in her eyes but as she saw those little red shoes a wide smile spread across her face, she turned towards him and said “I love you daddy” hugging him “I love you too baby” he replied.

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