All my life I was a like a piece of flame,

Alive and glowing, struggling to find the reason for my existence, 

When I looked around, every person, everything had their own light,

Shining and cheerful living their life, happy with their ting light in them,

Moments would come when they lose their light and stop in their lives,

I wondered what would happen if one never finds their light back,

Helping people to find their light back was all I ever wanted,

Then you came to me, just such one soul, finding refuge,

I gave you, everything you wanted,

You showed me the true power of a pure soul like me,

In time, I gave you my light of existence, but you had other plans,

You stole the tiny flicker of my skin, one thing I had cherished in my life,

Then you left, with the only I had secured in my life,

When you look my light away, it was the last moment I saw it, bright and shining,

I didn’t do anything, I couldn’t, you knew me all too well,

I was left devastated, broken into many pieces,

I spread my pieces everywhere I went, in everything I did, I found some pieces of you,

It was like a shooting star in a night sky, beautiful but painful,

When I thought it was all over, I realized;

You couldn’t separate my light from me because it came from an everlasting source,

It came from every person I met, every person who gave me their pieces of light,

I was bright again with pieces from different people, their joy, and wishes,

Every new piece of me glowed and I became a new source of light,

Broken but stronger and brighter, with a new call to pass this new light to all who need.

This Christmas season let’s all share our spiritual, emotional light with all the people we meet. Let’s show love and care towards the broken and try to mend our bonds with those we have separated.

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