Just Not Anyone

You Are Just Not Anyone

That moment when you looked at me,

I knew you were just not anyone,

That smile you passed to me on road side,

You saw it in my eyes, you were just not anyone.

Those moments of silly smiles and giggles,

Stealing minutes from the time master,

From our romantic coffee dates, to

the endless night conversions, you were just not anyone.

The way you looked into my eyes reading my soul,

I became a script written just for you to read,

When you held me tight like I am your last dying wish,

You gave me a reason to live again because you were just not anyone.

When our hands ached to touch each other,

When my ears thirst to hear your voice,

When you cursed the distance between us,

You showed me, you were just not anyone.

From giving each other cute names to

Crying over those silly fights somewhere I became yours,

Crossing off days from the calendar to

Counting hours left for our reunion I knew, you were just not anyone.

When my eyes laid on you after so long,

The smile which spread on your lips spoke of your love,

In that strong embrace of your I melted like hot chocolate,

With unwillingness of yours to let go of me, I knew you were just not anyone.

In that silence, the Sparkle your eyes said everything,

This was the moment when I knew you were mine forever,

When you breathed your life into me and

I breathe my soul into you, because you are just not anyone.You Are Just Not Anyone

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