I deny.

I deny You

You see my bra strap out and fix your lust driven eyes on me,

I can feel your eyes, but I do not retract them,

You see me as an insect, to use and sqash away when you desire,

You grind against me, space is your first defense,

Do not deny!

If I wear a skirt you try to peek beneath,

If I wear jeans you stare my behind,

If I wear a saree you search for my cleavage,

Even if I wear a bhurkha you seek a peek inside,

Do not deny!

If I am five you want me ride,

If I am twenty you want to pin me down,

If I am fifty you still desire,

If I am seventy, you let me pass, too old for you?

Do not deny!

If I am your sister, your blood boils when someone stare at me,

If I am your mother, you burn with rage,

But you still stare in public, I could be someone else’s sister,

Your lust turns to greed when you discover I am someone’s wife,

Do not deny!

You have a beautiful wife and treat her like a slave,

Worse than what you treat an animal,

She cleans, consoles and nurtures your broken spirt at night,

But next morning you belittle her,

Do not deny!

I needed your help at that dark night, but you ignored me as blind,

I wanted you to step in someone’s graze, but you shamelessly joined his game,

I wished I had an escape but your eyes followed my life,

My body desired your eyes to stop but you were busy searching a peek of my skin,

Do you deny?

You had muscle power, yet you never came to my rescue,

You saw a blood spot but you never offered to cover me,

You saw them following me, but turned left at the next turn,

You heard my screams, but preferred being a deaf,

Do not deny?

You fashion your opinion according to the time,

One day you stare me to death,

And the next day you participate in candle march,

One day you chase after me,

And the next day you support feminism,

One night you molest me,

And the next day you shout slogans of equality.

You hide among the people,

and my silence protects you,

but today I deny!

I deny to remain silent,

I deny your rule,

I deny you.

i deny

6 thoughts on “I deny.”

  1. It was nice and true…
    Yet people forget what they learn..
    An impure soul needs a trauma for purification….???

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