Girl In Red Scarf

The rotations were making her jittery, she was on a merry-go-round, tightly clenching the pole of her bumpy horse, and the ride increased in speed and then slowed down. Her father’s safe hand held her when she slipped to the ground. Her uneasiness faded away when her cousins chattered in joyous choirs. They decided to play hide and seek and all ran away in differed directions. It was their code; whoever does not run immediately becomes the seeker. Running around in her red boots and matching scarf with a rainbow brooch she searched the usual hiding spots of the community park, behind the thick trees, under the bench and inside the green bushes covering the edges of the park. Wandering alone she reached the cafeteria sections where she saw all the adults sitting and chatting, few meters away three kids were playing in the mud near a construction site. They wore no shirt, nor any shoes. The younger ones were eating mud while the elder one of the same age as her, was peeking into the service window with hungry eyes. Some elders saw him and called the men in uniforms to send him away. She walked towards him and pulled out a chocolate which her uncle gave her this morning and gave it to him, joyed with his present, he accepted the blue glittery packet and took it to his siblings who were in a bliss on seeing the chocolate.

As she grew up, she realized not all problems in the world can be solved by chocolates because we adults choose to turn a blind eye towards the poor and the needy.

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