No, it isn't what you think, it wasn't anyone else. I talk about no other person, but about the idea of me,  it was me whom I had let go.

Emptiness is a state of being,

it is where I am now.

No, I am not alone nor am I desperate,

it is just that I feel nothing.

Every breath in and every breath out,

I feel it, right there in the centre.

It grows in me,

and I let it live.

It began with anguish

and then grew to hate.

Now, all it is a deep nothingness.

I feel no sorry, I feel no pain,

Happiness is a distant emotion.

For I feel nothing.




it’s not true that I am falling apart,

instead, I am complete,

more than I ever was.

I was sad yesterday,

 was annoyed the day before,

and tensed a month before,

but today I am nothing.

No, I don’t feel you,

your words prick no more,

your action no more makes a difference,

for I disconnected you.

I let it go from my grasp,

and in the process, I set myself free.




it isn’t what you think,

it wasn’t anyone else.

I talk about no other person,

but about the idea of me,

 it was me whom I had let go.

I know deep within,

you are struggling,

to be someone else, something else.

I understand,

yes, I do.

But before you judge yourself,

hear me out.



Do nothing to please anyone else,

for it brings nothing but anguish.

Feel no sorry for self,

for you are the child of almighty.

Do not be afraid,

for you are in the shelter of the most high.

Believe, in yourself,

and you will be above your problems.

Disconnect from the negatives,

unplug the attachments

with those who pull you down.

For even the strongest,

breaks under strain.

When you do this,

you reach the point where I am,

the emptiness.



Now we can figure a way out,

for we have cleared the cup.

It is we who decides what fills back into us,

would it be the same sadness?

Or would it be something new,

It can be joy, happiness or even satisfaction.

It can be anything you want,

but it depends on you, and you alone.

For me I choose satisfaction,

I choose to be clear.

I would plant a seed of it, in my mind,

for we believe what we think,

and we feel what we believe.

Slowly but steadily,

I would let it fill in my emptiness,

and then I would never be empty again,

for I would be satisfied.

Photo by Hadis Safari on Unsplash




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