Do Not Contain Me

Do not contain me,

Let me out.

Out, of these rules of an ideal life,

I am a shark, made for deep oceans,

I am a bird, let me spread my wings,

I am a wild horse, not meant to tame.


Do not strap me down, back to the ground,

I am not weak, just a bit shy to your ways,

I can be the thunder, who moves the ground beneath your foot,

I can be the wind, to sweep you from your feet,

I can be the rain, to bring flood in your life,

I can be the heat, to bring drought upon you.

Do not hold me back for,

I can be the rainbow, to bring prosperity in your life,

I can be the mermaid, to grant your hearts desire,

I can be the wild horse, to lead you on adventures,

Do not search for me far away,

I am no one else, but your soul.

Do not contain me,

Let me out!

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