An Escape

I need an escape route, it’s a fight too hard to hide, The crumples deep within break me every moment, The struggle is real and a fight too dangerous to play, It all begins with a thought, a tiny harmless one, It changes its faces and takes the monstrous of them all, It sucks me... Continue Reading →

Girl In Red Scarf

The rotations were making her jittery, she was on a merry-go-round, tightly clenching the pole of her bumpy horse, and the ride increased in speed and then slowed down. Her father's safe hand held her when she slipped to the ground. Her uneasiness faded away when her cousins chattered in joyous choirs. They decided to... Continue Reading →

Panacea- My Mother

when i read the meaning of panacea, the first word that popped into my mind was mother, so i decided to write a poem about how my mother was by my side in my life.


Was it my fault?' She said with tears pouring from her eyes. 'No, dear it isn't your fault. There are some people who notice you, complement you....

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