Born of chaos

Photo by Vladimir Tsokalo on Unsplash

A living whirlpool, a thunder to break the glass,

A crimson blood full of surprise,

A broken glass moulded by the imperfections,

But just another girl you can pass by.


A near miss to the grim life,

A curl bent to beauty in the world of silk and sleek,

A spirt learnt to battle the wars unseen,

But just another struggling soul you pass by.


A girl with eyes as piercing as a needle,

A body with the light of settled moondust,

A speech so melodious to the ears of listeners,

But just another girl unrecognized among the crowd.


A gold piece purified in the furnace,

A stronghold made of iron,

A heart as pure as a dove,

But just another girl unrecognized among the crowd,

A girl born of chaos.



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