An Escape

I need an escape route, it’s a fight too hard to hide,

The crumples deep within break me every moment,

The struggle is real and a fight too dangerous to play,

It all begins with a thought, a tiny harmless one,

It changes its faces and takes the monstrous of them all,

It sucks me deep down, into a hollow of my mind,

The train of thoughts never ends,

It is a trap, I am not meant to be in here, my soul cries.

I need an escape from my own thoughts,

Some days it’s like the morning dew,

Some nights it turns into windstorm and hail,

It gets difficult to take it day by day, night after night,

Depressed soul, they call me, is it right,

Or is it just my mind playing games with me,

Some nights I wonder where will it all end,

Would it all leave when I die or is it going to haunt me there too,

I need an escape from my own thoughts,

I too want to be a cheerful person like everyone is,

It is just my brain keeps me busy,

Some days all is calm like a beach sunset,

Some nights they drown me in the sea,

I have been so deep in that I don’t know my way up,

I don’t know what is real and what is made up of my brain,

I know a few more like me, and a few who moved on, whom I find hard to relate,

I wonder if I would ever be moving on from this ‘phase’ they call,

For a few, it was like an island they crossed,

For me, it is one with all bridges burnt out,

I need an escape route from my own thoughts,

but the tragedy is I would have to think about it.


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