Be the change you want to see.

We all have read this quote over and over again since the time we could read, but right now I want to ask how many of us actually have ever implemented it?
How many of us have ever done something for someone else without expecting anything in return?

I know we all are thinking there might be sometime we might have, but I have another question ‘how many times did a stranger ever did something for you without expecting something in return?’
A few times maybe a dozen of times. It is a valid question why should I do something for others when I have never received anything myself? Its true, we all have this question on the back of our mind and this is a valid question, after all,  we are selfish humans, life does not give you anything for free, so why should you spend your time, your energy on someone else when you know that person will never be able to give it back. But do we all forget the faces of those who helped us in the most unexpected of times? I vividly remember the face of the random man who helped me in lowering my luggage from the train while I had a sprained foot and I still remember the face of the women who was there to pick me up from the underground passage when i met with an accident, she was there with till my mother came to take me a doctor.  I can never forget those moments, don’t we all remember some moments like this? Times when some stranger understood our problems and came to help. But have you ever step forward to help a blind man to cross the street? Did you ever picked the heavy packets of old women and dropped her at her house even if you are dead tired.

The thing in our lives is, we are all are followers, sometimes we realize it, sometimes we don’t.
we all have this same life cycle we have our childhood where we enjoy, we study and work our butts off to save money for family and old age, only a few who take a step away from this rate race, think about the situation and brings in new ideas to implement becomes a new leader.

Do we really need someone else to lead us?
Are we not our own leaders from within?

With this blog I have my intentions clear, I am not here for recognition or money as to say, I am here only to question your those tiny things we do.
In life we always remember what we read, it stays there in our subconscious mind. Somedays it randomly comes out as an impulse, with things we can not explain.
I want this blog to become that voice, I know there is no point to speak sense to people who do not want to listen, it is only a waste of time and energy. So I seek to spread my voice through the readers who want to listen.
When 10 people read my blog, 8 would simply forget about it but there would be 2 who would someday remember it. Those 2 people will inspire 2 more and one day we together will be able to over through the evils of our society.
This is my only aim, to bring a change in our society, to be the change I want to see.

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