A Story to tell

It was the last night, the night before the competition. They were the representatives of Kerala. Tension, confusion, stress, discussions all filled the floor of Block 32 and their hearts. The finishing touches of the boat, movement of elephant, rehearsal of anchors, the fear of imperfection weighed on their hopes.

Then there was a call “come everyone, come to the corridor”. A cloth was lying on the floor with hand imprints and paint filled trays at one side. Those around had colour on their hands and were showing it to others, so she pressed her hands on two different colour trays and searched for empty space on the cloth, it was nearly filled with prints of team members, but she found an empty space. There still was wet paint on their hands, someone began a chain reaction by imprinting his hand on the cheeks of the person next to him, soon the atmosphere was filled with celebration, cheers,playfulness and it felt like holi.

After a quick meeting they all went back to their work with smiles and paint on their faces. The mood of air had changed to cheers and strengthened hopes.

Those  Impression  have a story to tell, a story of unity, a story of pride, a story of hope.

via Daily Prompt: Impression

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