365th day.

365th day. Rosie crossed another day on her calendar. Today was the day her son promised to come and meet her about a year before. Rosie was excited, she had spent packing her luggage from the small room in the old age home. Picking up the picture by her bed side she looked at her late husband and their ten-year-old son who was giving his broadest smile holding a fish only a few inched long, it was his fish. She kept the frame in her hand bag and looked at her room one last time, she remembered how their old house looked, a big living room, three bed rooms with a garden which would flower yellow and red carnations. Then she imagined how her new house would look like. Her son had told her nothing about the new house in his last visit, but she imagined it would be same as the old one. Rosie went down to the lobby, walking slowly to the counter. She enquired about any call from her son, but there were none. Moving towards the cafeteria she felt her back-pain reoccurring and checked her wrist watch it was 11 am. ‘He must be running late’ she reassured herself. After her meal, she again went to counter and enquired, no calls came for her. Sitting at the lobby, waiting for her son’s arrival, she fell asleep.

A horn broke her sleep, excitedly she moved toward the main door. It was a delivery car which was honking. Tired she returned back to her seat and checked the time again, it was 4pm. Her enthusiasm was lowering down, she felt tired and dizzy. The old lady tried to keep herself awake but sleep won her over, once again she fell asleep.

She felt someone’s hand over her shoulder, she opened her eyes thinking it was his son who came to take her back, but was disappointed. It was her caretaker who had the bad news. Her son would not come to take her, he had to urgently go out of station for some important work. Rosie felt sad and heartbroken, wiping her tears, she told her caretaker that she was not hungry.

She lied down on her bed, took the picture from her handbag and held it close to her heart, and slept. She never woke up again.

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